Wi-Fi site survey, analysis and troubleshooting

Easily analyze your Wi-Fi and see the issues preventing you from having a stable and fast connection. You can run a comprehensive scan of your wireless network, get an interactive color-coded heatmap, and see the "dead" zones clearly.

Plan your WiFi network

Visualization is the key for good planning — once you scan the site, Wifiner creates a visual heatmap of your space, so you can see where improvements need to be made to your network and how you can move the access points for optimal placement.

Wifiner offers 11 types of heatmaps for better understanding which parameters affect your network most and comparing them to each other. Wifiner is friendly enough to those who are setting up their very first network at home and at the same time can provide incredibly detailed report to those who have a lot of experience in the field.


Different Area Types

Analyze any type of space from an apartment to even a stadium.

Hybrid Surveys

You can measure WiFi coverage and Internet speed at the same time.
Plan your WiFi network
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    Get a color-coded insight into your Wi-Fi network coverage showing good, average, and bad levels of all parameters. With this interactive approach you get to understand what's going on and resolve issues easier and faster.
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    Troubleshoot Wi-Fi

    With the set of troubleshooting visualizations, identifying connectivity issues is a breeze. With Wifiner you can locate the sources of excessive noise, resolve Wi-Fi configuration issues, and get automated professional recommendations by Wifiner.

Analyze your WiFi coverage

It just can't get easier than this: load your area map, indicate your location on it, and Wifiner will start collecting data right away. Walk around in a zigzag pattern from wall to wall and get comprehensive results for the entire space. With this collected data you have enough resources to analyze signal leakages, discover noise sources, understand your Wi-Fi channels, identify ineffective access points, etc.

Measure your WiFi

Measure and analyze your WiFi signal, noise level, and how they relate to each other.

Learn how fast your Internet is

Test the speed of your network’s Internet connection. Wifiner tests upload and download rates as well as your local wireless transmit rate.
Analyze your WiFi coverage
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    See your heatmap on any Mac

    Each project you create can be saved and later opened on any Mac where Wifiner is installed. Projects have .netspl extension.
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    Export your WiFi maps

    Export your project data into PDF or CSV. With your wireless network map saved in a common format you have access to your results anywhere.


Ready to get a deeper look into WiFi parameters?

Wifiner is an indispensable tool for those seeking simplicity in WiFi analysis. If you feel like you are ready to move up and use a powerful advanced tool for multiple Wi-Fi networks surveys — NetSpot is the way to go.
Ready to get a deeper look into WiFi parameters?
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