NetSpot: Wi-Fi Network Detector and Manager

NetSpot is a great tool to manage your wireless network. It allows you to detect all of the Wi-Fi hotspots in your area and determine where the best place to position your access points is. It also helps you determine which channel to select. When it comes to WLAN management, NetSpot makes your job much easier.

How to Manage Your Wireless Network With NetSpot

Step 1

Download and Run NetSpot

Launch NetSpot and upload a map of the area you wish to survey.

Step 2

Complete your Scan

Complete your scan, following the directions in NetSpot Knowledgebase. How do I start my Wi-Fi survey?

Step 3

Isolate Your Network

Isolate your network by unchecking the boxes next to the other network names in the list of networks.

Step 4

Study the Heatmap

Study the heatmap of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio. Look for areas of dark blue and purple. These are spots where coverage may be inadequate.

Step 5

Relocate an Access Point

Determine if moving an access point (router) might solve the problem. If so, move the router and scan again. Simply create a new snapshot for the same zone to quickly run a comparison survey.

Step 6

Identify Sources of Interference

If moving the router is not an option, attempt to identify sources of interference and eliminate them. View the Noise Level heatmap by choosing this visualization from the drop-down menu.

Step 7

Consider Switching Channels

Click on Configure > Select Networks by Channel at the bottom of the control panel to select the desired wireless channel. Consider switching channels in your access point configuration utility if one has less interference than another.

By determining the correct router location and channel, you are well on your way to successfully managing your Wi-Fi network. WLAN managers like NetSpot are a critical part of optimizing your wireless network.

NetSpot Wi-Fi Manager will

  • Help you configure your wireless network
  • Tune WiFi network of any size
  • Help improve WLAN network
  • Visualize and scan WLAN site
  • Scan Wi-Fi and visualize its coverage
  • Act as a versatile WiFi managing app

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