[Zone] What is multi-floor scanning?

Note: Multi-floor scanning is available only in paid versions of NetSpot (PRO, and Enterprise).

Multi-floor scanning is a feature that enables you to link zones on different floors. Once multi-floor scanning is enabled, each zone within your project is assumed to be a different floor. All the zones are allied, and APs will be set to the floor where their signal is strongest. They will show as “ghost” (semi-transparent) APs on other floors where their signal can be detected.

NetSpot WiFi scanner for macOS is available

How to enable multi-floor scanning:

  1. Set up your survey as usual, making your first zone the first floor you wish to scan.
  2. When you’re done scanning your first zone, click the Toggle icon (right bottom side of the NetSpot window) and select Toggle > Multi-floor APs placement. This should put a checkmark next to that option.
  3. Now click the Plus (+) button on the lower-left, add a new zone for the next floor, and perform your next scan.
  4. Repeat step 3 as many times as needed until all your floors have been scanned.

It is possible that your AP may be placed on the wrong floor if its signal is stronger on a different floor (if it is hidden in the ceiling for instance). There is no way to delete or move the AP to the correct floor at this time. You may want to try placing a sampling point close to the AP on it’s correct floor and further away from the AP on the floor above or below where it is erroneously showing up.

NetSpot WiFi scanner for Windows can be found here

Note: If you are a Home user, please see “Can I scan two or more floors?” for more information.

updated: March 30, 2023 author: nsjill
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